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If you have any questions just input your nickname and join in. I will monitor the chat as much as I can.

My goal here is to help people with any questions they may have about the GPD XD and GPD XD+. I am by no means an expert but I will help where I can. This way we can create a community here and those that are helped can frequent when they can to help others. Maybe in time we will have 24/7 support.

For now, I will help out when I can. Enjoy!

Not connecting? Try this link : Live Chat

Join Us

If you are experienced with XD or XD+ or even just GPD in general, feel free to join our chat community using the Discord app. Those that have been helped can also join in and add to the GPD bunch. Together we can help add flavor to the GPD devices by sharing info, mods, and ideas. In time no one will have to figure anything out on their own. The Discord app is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and IOS. No one will be left behind.

If you want a direct link to join our channel ( it is the channel that this Live Chat web widget points to ) just follow this link: Discord Invite.

No one is on live chat?

I try to monitor it as often as I can but I have downtime where I will not be behind my pc. If you find that no one is on or responds, please feel free to comment below. I will try and respond as soon as I get back.

Alternatively you could try our FAQ sections for XD and XD+ or try the GPD community.

I will try to prune the comment messages as soon as the problem gets resolved.

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