What is an XDRescue Disk?

The idea behind making this help disk is so that you can put it aside in case you ever get into a jam. There are many changes that can happen to the XD that will cause it to stop responding, booting, or just make it act weird. This has led many people in the GPD community to have to factory reset and loose all their data. I put these files together in hopes that everyone can feel at ease using them and make it easy for everyone to find. They may seem intimidating, but in reality they are very easy as long as you follow the directions.

I will use the XDRescue Disk in many of my guides to make things as simple as possible. These apps were bundled together to find the quickest and easiest ways to perform essential tasks to keep your GPD XD in the best state possible, or return it to that state in case of unforeseen problems.


An XDRescue Disk has all the required files to do the following:

For GPD XD - Original Model:

  • Root your Stock Firmware ( If you do not want Legacy Rom )
  • Install Stock Firmware 3.4.2.
  • Install Custom Firmware: Legacy Rom 1.8GHz
  • Install Stock Recovery.
  • Install Custom Recovery: TWRP.
  • Create a Backup of your GPD XD
  • Install an apk to point you to main XDRescue.com site.

For GPD XD+ [2018 UPDATE]:

  • Install Stock Firmware
  • Install Custom Firmware: CleanRom
  • Create a Backup of your GPD XD+
  • Install an apk to point you to main XDRescue.com site.


Where can I get an XDRescue Disk?

You have 2 options. You can make one ( it's very easy ) , or buy one.


Make an XDRecovery Disk

All you have to do is get this zip file below and extract it inside a spare MicroSD card you may have. Ideally you will want to match the card size to the size of your XD's memory. If you have a 32GB GPD XD model then ideally you will want to have a 32GB MicroSD card to backup the entire device in case that it is full of games and apps and near its 32GB capacity.


Buy an XDRecovery Disk

If you are interested in buying the XDRecovery Disk I will sell you one for $15.00 USD. I will only sell to people in the continental U.S. If you are in another country we can maybe discuss a sale. The package will include an 8 GB SanDisk Edge MicroSD HC Class 4 card with all the files included, and a MicroUsb to USB 2.0 card reader. If interested you can get in contact with me at:




GPD XD - Original Model

Included files:

  • Driver Installer
  • Android Tool
  • Kernel Adiutor apk
  • Flashify apk
  • TWRP Manager apk
  • XDRescue.apk
  • Android Stock Recovery
  • TWRP Custom Recovery
  • TWRP Recovery Themes x 3
  • StockROM v3.4.2
  • LegacyRom 1.8GHz ext4
  • Root Update


Download “XDRescue – for GPD XD”XDRescueDisk_v1.1.zip



GPD XD+ - [ 2018 UPDATE ]

Included files:

  • Mediatek Auto Driver Installer
  • SP Flash Tool v5.1824
  • NVram/NVData fix
  • Magiskv18
  • MixPlorer
  • TWRP Recovery.
  • XDRescue.apk


Download “XDPRescue – for GPD XD+”XDPRescueDisk_v1.00.zip

The firmware for the GPD XD+ is not included in the XDRescue Disk. Please download your choice of firmware here. [ Link ]