Where is the XD community?

I have learned everything I needed to know about the GPD XD by the growing community of GPD XD developers, users, and enthusiasts. It is a very friendly union of retro gamerz joined together to help one another. This site is just a compilation of everything I have learned from these places. If you can not find the answer here, you will find it on one of the links below.

If you have a question, ask.

If you can answer a question, please do so.

This is how it works.



GPD XD: Dingoonity  Forums

GPD XD: Reddit

Facebook Groups

( Just ask to join you will be added quickly )


GPD XD (Game Pad Digital)

Discord Chat Channels

Section Eight - Discord Chat

GPD XD Reddit - Discord Chat

GPD Devices - Discord Chat

YouTube Channels

Section Eight

GPD YouTube Channel

TV Skelton

The Phawx

GPD Hanheld