Fresh firmware install? Your XD+ is in Chinese? Update firmware? Bricked GPD XD+?

It is always good to keep updated with your GPD XD+ firmware. With each update comes fixes or optimizations to the firmware which allows you to operate a more stable device. Some updates may even offer new features.

This tutorial also helps to just start over from scratch and get rid of any bad settings or possibly any virus or malware that may have infected your GPD XD+. It can also bring back to life a bricked GPD XD+.


  1. Make sure you read over site disclaimer. [ Link ]
  2. Have a Micro USB wire. Make sure it is a good wire. Any break in the flash process can brick your device.
  3. View the attached video at least once before you follow the tutorial.
  4. If you have trouble installing the drivers you may have to disable signature verification before you install drivers. [More Info]
  5. Make sure you turn on USB Debugging :
    • Go into Settings > Developer options
    • Turn ON the button for developer options. ( Upper right side )
    • Tap OK to allow.
    • Go to Debugging section and below it toggle USB debugging to ON position.

Easy Tutorial ( for beginners )

Set up a folder to keep the files organized. You may want to store them as a backup in case you may need them later.

Install Drivers

  • Under the "GPD XD Plus Firmware" section download "Upgrade tools and drivers": Zip File [ video time 0:20 ]
  • Put the files into your work folder. [ video time 0:39 ]
  • Extract "Upgrade tools and drivers" zip file into your work folder. [ video time 0:54 ]
  • Extract your firmware zip file into your work folder. [ video time 0:57 ]
  • Go into "升级工具和驱动" folder, then "SP_Driver" folder [ video time 1:05 ]
  • Right click "DriverInstall.exe" and click on "Run as administrator". [ video time 1:10 ]
  • Click "Next" [ video time 1:16 ]
  • Click "Next" [ video time 1:18 ]
  • Click "Install" [ video time 1:20 ]
  • Click "Next" [ video time 1:23 ]
  • Click "Finish" [ video time 1:25 ]
  • Click "OK" [ video time 1:26 ]
  • Click "Finish" [ video time 1:29 ]
  • Restart your computer. [ video time 1:33 ]

Load Firmware

  •  Download your choice of firmware from our site HERE.
  • Return to project folder [ video time 1:36 ]
  • Move "SP_Flash" folder to "C:" . This will avoid any problems with the program running properly. [ video time 1:40 ]
  • Go into "SP_Flash" folder and double click on "flash_tool.exe". [ video time 2:00 ]
  • Next to "Scatter-loading" file click on the "choose" button. [ video time 2:03 ]
  • Navigate to your firmware folder and keep going into it until you find the scatter file, then select it. [ video time 2:05 ]
  • If you wish to do a fresh install and willing to lose your data, then skip this step and continue to the next step. If you want to save your data and just update firmware then uncheck the "userdata" checkbox.  [ video time 2:14 ]


Starting the install process: 

(Until I find a process that works across all windows versions and XD+ devices, I will have to list all possible combinations to get the install process working.)

Your GPD XD+ must be off before you try any of the methods. Turn your GPD XD+ completely off.

  • First Method:
    • Make sure the drop down box is in "Download Only". and then click on "Download". [ video time 2:22 ]
    • Connect Micro USB cable to pc and to GPD XD+. Your GPD XD+ must be completely off. No special button combination is needed. Install will begin immediately.  [ video time 2:30 ]
  • Second Method:
    • Make sure the drop down box is in "Download Only". and then click on "Download". [ video time 2:22 ]
    • Hold down Vol+
    • Connect Micro USB to PC and XD+
    • Let go of  Vol+
  • Third Method:
    • Hold down Vol+
    • Connect Micro USB to PC and XD+
    • Let go of  Vol+
    • Make sure the drop down box is in "Download Only". and then click on "Download". [ video time 2:22 ]


  • You will get a window saying "Download Ok" . You are done!

Pro Tutorial ( for more experienced users )

  1. Download your choice of firmware from our site HERE and driver from HERE.
  2. Run Flash Tool from C:
  3. Install Drivers. ( Disable signature verification if needed )
  4. Using "Scatter-loading file" option, load your firmware.
  5. Deselect "userdata" checkbox if you are upgrading,or keep it selected it if you want a full fresh install.
  6. Use "Download Only" and click "Download".
  7. Connect usb. No special button combination needed, just connect.
    • If the above does not work use the guide above to try the different methods to start install.

Installation Notes:

If you still have problems try and update your SP Flash Tool. GPD's version may need to be updated. [ Link ]


If you only have USB3 and can't get the install to work you may want to disable usb checksum in the SP Flash Options.

If there are still problems with the drivers, go to . Halfway down the page there is a small tutorial :

How to manually install MediaTek USB VCOM drivers ".

Install the drivers and try again.