The patch files that were up are no longer used. There may be more patches included later, but for now I will leave this page up as a placeholder.

16 thoughts on “GPD XD+ ( Plus ): Firmware Patches”

  1. Will u be updating soon? Keep up the great work. Love the patch boot. I just can’t understand why some of my apps disappear after rebooting. I’ve done everything in ur tutorial and when I make categories for my games icons on my main screen reboot…. it disappear

    1. That is kinda funny behavior. Don’t know why it would be doing that especially on just the patch. The patch only affects the boot.img partition of the XD+.

  2. I recently ordered an XD+ and I wonder, would the XD+ overheat if I unlock kernel? Should I stick with its locked CPU speed of 1.7 GHz and wait until I know it’s safe?

    1. I can answer your question. By activating the kernel and unlocking the 2.11ghz the gdd xd plus heats up a lot, so as to burn my fingers.

    2. I can answer your question. By activating the kernel and unlocking the 2.11ghz the gdd xd plus heats up a lot so much as to burn your fingers. I did the test by setting the options of epsxe at maximum with graphics to x4 and trying several games including ff 7,8,9 / suikoden 1-2 / digimon world 3 / the legends of dragoons and many others. Same thing with ppsspp. The performances increase exponentially because the fps were stable even with the acceleration activated as opposed to the 1.7ghz. Staying with the 1.7ghz you have to decrease the parameters but you will have the body of the device warm and not hot as with the 2.11ghz

  3. Am I able to use this if I am already on higher firmware (.11)? Can I safely flash this to downgrade?

    1. yes for me is the same, i tried a lot of combination and i cant even patch the firmware (rev2) without loosing the sound

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  5. does this (Unlocked Kernel with ROOT) also work with firmware 1.12 or do I have first to install firmware 1.10?

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