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There are two different models to the XD as of now.

This guide is for the: GPD XD+ [2018 UPDATE]

Check your device.


You are probably here because you just bought a GPD XD+ and you want to know how to get started. I am going to try and help you install what is needed so you can have a clean and optimized device that will be easy to restore in case you may have any problems. I have seen too many people lose all of their data because of a single app update, or just for random reasons. You will probably spend a lot of time downloading, installing, and configuring every app and game. You want to know that all your data is safe and you will not have to start over. I will give you all the tools to help you get started and you should be on your way to playing retro games in no time!


What should I do first?

Your GPD XD+ will be shipped with what is called stock firmware. This is the standard android OS with all of the apps that the seller wants you to have. Many of these apps are not needed and are often refered to as "Bloatware". In some cases the apps may even be questionable and are considered suspicious to many users. The XD and XD+ are some of these devices. I strongly recommend that all users install CleanRom when they first receive their device. I will try and write a guide on why, but for now I will just advise that it is the best option for all users.

Download the latest CleanRom from here: Downloads

Follow this guide to install: Installation Guide


I have CleanRom installed. Now what?

Once you have CleanRom installed you will want to setup your GPD XD or GPD XD+ with your account information so that you can access all of that google goodness. After you setup your WiFi connection and your account information I highly recommend that you go into your Google PlayStore settings and change the option to AUTO Update your apps. TURN IT OFF.

GPD XD+ is a niche product that is not targeted when developers create apps and games. As a result certain things are overlooked and missed. Apps will be installed and will work properly. Then one day you turn on your GPD XD+ and either that app does not work, or a series of problem start happening to your entire GPD XD+. In some rare cases the device will not boot and the user does not know why this has happened. In my experience 99% of the time it is because Google PlayStore decided to auto update an app, and the latest version causes problems. The user is unaware because Google PlayStore does this in the background.

So my advice is this: Turn off "AUTO Update" inside your Google PlayStore settings and manually update your apps when you want to. This will let you have 100% control over your device. If you install an app that is causing you problems, then you know exactly what app and what version is doing it. Uninstall it or install an older version.

To have a safer device and have backups, please continue reading below.


Continuing on... (TWRP)

With the latest CleanRom installation ( 1.10.03 and higher ), the developer has included TWRP into the rom. If you need information on TWRP please google it to give you a basic understanding. This custom recovery will allow you to save all the information on your GPD XD+ in one big backup.

Install all your games, make all the necessary configurations and get the GPD XD+ the way you want it. Every time you make big changes you should backup your device and continue to set it up. This will allow you to revert back to an earlier state should you make a mistake and install something that will harm or change the GPD XD+ in a way that you do not like. Even if you "Brick" your device, you will be able to restore it to one of your earlier backups.

I will try and provide you guides on how to do that soon and list them here.