GPD XD+ CleanROM v.2+

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GPD XD+ Stock Rom 1.11

( Latest Update 07-20-2018 )

This is the StockROM available for the GPD XD+. This is the firmware that will be installed in your XD+ when you first receive it.

Install this firmware if you want to put your XD+ to its original form. You may not like the custom rom available or you plan on selling your XD+. For whatever reason you may have, this will put your XD+ back to its original form.

Version 1.11 - changes

  • In AnTuTu capacity of the battery 5000 now (early was 8100)
  • Added a bug with speakers (they stopped working, and if you plug-in headphones - then the speakers start to work). The icon on the headphones is always on. If you turn on the headphones, the icon disappears and the sound goes from speakers.

Version 1.10 - changes

  • Modified the issue that gsensor couldn't Calibrate.
  • Modified the issue that the device couldn't turn off forcedly on the BootLoader mode.

Download “Stock ROM – for GPD XD+”GPD_EN_VR-images-v1.11_20180621user .zip 2.34 GB


No special instructions. Just follow this guide to install it:  GPD XD+ ( Plus ): How to Install or Update Firmware ( Unbrick )

It is included in the tutorial, but as a reminder if you are updating leave userdata.img unchecked when flashing.

39 thoughts on “GPD XD+ Firmware”

  1. Any chance to have a download link on Mega? because SaberCat is very slow and you can only download one file at a time?

  2. Hi,

    thanks for your effort. Sadly this file is not downloadable.
    Is there any chance to host it on mega or wetransfer?


  3. Sorry guys, I am trying to upload once more. The filesharing sites like mega all have a file limit and I have to break up the zip. I will try once more to upload and if that doesnt work I will try more sites. Megas confirmation email doesnt want to go through. Hang in there trying to make it work.

  4. Thank you so much for your effort.
    Sadly the new file also stops after ~400-500 MB.
    Perhaps you could split it up in 3 Parts of around 400 MB and upload them here?

    Thank you!

  5. Also having trouble downloading the Upgrade tools and drivers from GPD’s site. Anyone have a mirror for those files?

  6. Why into android info with .04 installed appears the .03?? Its a mistake or we are installing not the last version?


  7. This is so great!! Thank you so much! Just one question…is there any way to keep some apps from disappearing from the launcher after reboot?

  8. hi!

    Its a great job for us! I installed it but i have in background “Android is upgrading..” but its very long and its stuck on it. Have you got this problem on your GPD XD plus please how to resolve it ?

    1. There is an apk that is included in your files. GoogleServices.apk. Install it and everything should work fine.

  9. On CleanROM you won’t be running into Google-Apps related issues anymore.
    No endless “Android is upgrading…” or random Google Service crashes anymore.

    The problem was that GPD’s bundled Google-Apps were ancient and not compatible with Google’s new Chimera modules, causing all kinds of hiccups.
    CleanROM on the other hand has been pre-fitted with the latest Google-Apps with full Chimera support.

  10. I successfully installed CleanRom, stepping up from stock 1.1.x (Early 07?) on my XD+.

    Accomplished this with the built-in tools linked on xdrescue page, but it took about four times longer than it should have needed to.

    I *DID* have to use Windows Recovery settings –> avdanced boot –> disable driver signature.

    I *DID* have to reboot after intalling SP Drivers, and THEN I still needed to go into Device Manager and manually specify the driver for my ‘Unknown Device” (despite XD+’s filesystem appearing available on Windows).

    Then, for the 40th try, The SP Flash Tool was able to write to my XD+ (I needed to start “Download” and then press ‘+’ before plugging in USB and releasing.

    Now I’m checking out the new firmware. Much cleaner than the busy stock firmware. 🙂

  11. Hi, do you know if there’s any way to have the hdmi output to the TV only or something ? The Dreamcast work great but as soon as you output to hdmi it goes all bad, I dunno why because it seems fine but with frameskipping. Thanks !

  12. I’ve installed 1.10.04 for Rev 1. Root Checker says, that root access is disabled. Kernel auditor stays at “checking Info”. How can I root it and unlock kernel ? I’ve tried also patch from XD_Plus_UnlockedKernel_Rooted_v1.10_01 – still no success.

  13. Hey there! I downloaded the latest clean rom firmware that unlocks 2.11 ghz but my GPD XD+ is running very hot. Is this risking breaking my device?

    Thank you!

    1. Yes, that happened for mine too. The device runs hot after I upgraded it to Clean Rom. Should I revert back to stock firmware?

  14. Is anyone else having serious issues with the wifi using CleanRom? I upgraded from the S8LightRom to 1.10.04 and have had nothing but problems. I finally found a fix for the NVTAM error over on the xdaforums (I believe it someone posted a link on the other forum as well) but now it’s back to not being able to connect to the internet through any apps or for certain websites even though the network says it’s connected and simple sites like come up fine. I’m sorry if this is a common problem but this is my first time back on android since like 2009 and I’m tempted to just flash back to the S8LightRom so I can at least sync my shit, you know?
    Anyways, sorry for the rant. If anyone has any advice it would be hugely appreciated.
    Thanks again, eh 😀

  15. I downloaded the mirror versions but it does not have the scatter file, it has som something_rev1 is there a diference? which one should I choose?

  16. Just a quick update, I fixed the wifi but everything still crashes constantly. The screen stops recognizing any touch if I get any notification while it’s locked/sleeping and requires a forced reboot. Most custom keyboards refuse to input spaces into dialogue boxes on certain apps or online text boxes (like this one) so I have to type a space AND THEN hit right on the D pad. I’ve flashed and reflashed, tried root with TWRP, with and without magisk, various modules and fixes…cleanrom has been a complete nightmare. Does anyone have any advice? Or is there a more functional alternative to the stock rom?
    Thanks in advance, eh, this has all been SO frustrating.

  17. For version 2, the link to the TWRP update zip links to the clean rom zip, so there’s not a way to download the TWRP update. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, mine is erasing all my preferences, defaulting back to that uninspired bundled launcher and uninstalling half my custom keyboards on every reboot, too. At least I was finally able to get the wifi issues sorted on this one……Every update it’s just a roll of the dice as to which set of problems will make your machine a straight nightmare all over again.
      I’ve given it more than a year now, have tried several OSs/ROMs and versions and I think I’m about done deluding myself: Fuck android. I’m putting Arch back on this thing and leaving it there till I can focus on throwing together a Halium build — unless anyone has any other suggestions for the meantime.
      Thanks for trying, seraph.

      1. The toggle headphone problem was a bug and is fixed in the later versions. If the install doesn’t go right you should be able to tell right away and you should do a re-flash. It is possible to get a nice stable install and get everything setup. My suggestion is to find the latest stable solid build and start your app and emu installations.
        You need to take advantage of TWRP. You should not have to lose your data. Make a backup of your xd+, and then upgrade. If you lose data or things are not working out how you want them to, just restore your backup. Then just wait for another update. Once it comes out you can try again.
        – God this text color is distracting, sorry I need to fix it. –
        Before CleanROM there was no working twrp for the xd+. Black-Seraph not only took on the task of building a (Much Needed) custom firmware for us, but he also picked up the task of building us a working copy of TWRP. please take advantage of it, it is a very powerful tool and should make it so you do not ever lose data.

        I have installed a clean version of CleanRom with magisk preinstalled and save it in the form of a twrp backup. If you need this please let me know. It is working and it is stable. I have and for patreon members. Get in contact with me if you need the files.

        Please do not get frustrated. Keep in mind that you are part of the early dev process of a new firmware, and you are helping shape it by reporting back problems. It is appreciated. In the future when there is an elite pro custom firmware build that people install and never have problems with it, you will know you were part of shaping it. =)

  18. I installed Cleanrom2.0.0.0 (b/c that’s what’s available) and now my brand new GPD XD+ freezes then crashes and goes to the screen that says “Android” and just sits there until I force shutdown the sysem

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