Important Information

I feel that this is the most important information you need to know about your GPD XD Original Model by far:


Examples of Fast charging technologies: Fast Charge, Quick Charge, PumpExpress. [ MORE INFO ]

( more information listed below about chargers, but this is important enough to be the very first thing listed )

The GPD XD+ [2018 UPDATE] can charge using fast chargers, but the first model GPD XD can NOT.





What is a Stock Rom?

Stock Rom or Stock Firmware is the software that comes installed on your Android device when you first receive it. The software included usually is customized by the manufacturers and the carriers. They will usually include apps designed to promote the manufacturer or the carrier. These apps are called bloatware.



What is a custom rom?

The term ROM, which stands for Read Only Memory and really has very little to do with what a custom Android ROM actually is, can be confusing. A custom Android ROM refers to a phone’s firmware, based on Google’s Android platform. Android is open source and therefore any developer can edit the code, recompile it, and re-release for a wide variety of devices. Users can install ROMs to change a device’s appearance and behavior. ROMs are developed by the Android community, often times by a group of core developers who do this purely out of passion for modding. This means that most are completely free. Custom ROMs are available for phones, tablets, media players, smart watches and almost any type of device running Android.

When you buy your Android device, it comes with what we call a “stock ROM” or the “stock firmware”. This refers to the preinstalled operating system. This ROM usually has limited functionality as defined by the phone’s manufacturer. By flashing a custom ROM, you can unlock extra features and sometimes improve the performance.

- taken from: XDA Developers


What is LegacyROM?

LegacyRom is a custom rom developed for the original GPD XD. The following info was provided by skelton ( creator ) :

As some of you may know, I am having some heavy health issues for a while, that keep me a bit away for development. anyhow, I wantes to create this firmware with the purpose of making a clean AOSP firmware, with no apps, no warez, no hapychick or metro launcher, and with the possibility of overlcock and a few other tweaks. I don't think GPD improves pretty much the kitkat firmware since we are working in a Android M update, so consider this the final Kitkat firmware


  • Hybrid between pure AOSP using google, plus some stuff needed from RK SDK and latest stock firmware (mapper or gamepad apk)
  • Fully rooted with  superSU- (App will be updated via google play and ask to update binaries, just update it using normal in superSU, no risk at all)
  • Better Google Play compatibilty with some apps (device spoofed to a Nexus 5).
  • Init.d support (place scripts youu want under ystem/etc/init.d.
  • Launcher3 is the only launcher included.
  • MicroSd can also be accessed from storage/sdcard1 together with mnt/external_sd as before.
  • Some tweaks for WIFI streaming and better signal (those having very poor signal will still have it I am afraid, since most ptobably is a hard issue with the antenna in your device)
  • CIFS/NFS (untested) Try with this patched version of cifsmanager to see if it works. I don't use CIFs so it's untested by me
  • Custom kernel made from scracth with following features:

    • - DDR Overclocked from 360 to 456 mhz.
    • - SELinux set to permissive.
    • - Overclock until 1,8 ghz (depending on the version installed). ROM comes  in three versions according to your needs(1,4, 1,6 o 1,8 ghz).
    • - Added new CPU governor (ragingmolasses). Very conservative governor for not demading apps All other governors from stock kernel are included too and interactive is still the default one.
    • - You can change trigger button position like in latest stock firmware with gamepad app-

General TIPS: 

  • A very recommeded app is Disable Service, that allow you to disable services you don't need to save ram.
  • For some emus like  Reicast , PPSSPP and specially uoyabause eCPU in performance mode is recommended for certain games).
  • For Reicast or nintendo64 it is advisable to use latest builds or nightlies.
  • To change CPU mode you can use cpu apps like  SetCPU, No-frills CPU Control, 3C CPU Manager, or Kernel Adiutor (ROOT).
  • To move obb data from games to microSD, I suggest FolderMount [ROOT].
  • The app gamepad has some bugs with certain languages and can show mode PSP or Android. If that's the case  PSP is the same as PS3 and Android to XBOX.

About Overclock:

Overclock improves device speed, but battery life will be a bit worse. It's up to you. The RK3288 es un SoC is a mid-range 32 bits, so don't expect miracles using OC.


If you would like to buy skelton ( LegacyRom Developer ) a beer : Donate Here 



What is CleanROM?

CleanRom is a custom rom that was developed for the GPD XD+. At the time of the release of the GPD XD+, skelton ( creator of LegacyRom - rom created for original GPD XD) had retired from development. Black-Seraph a long time homebrew developer for the psp decided to take on the challenge. He wanted to give XD+ users a clean, optimized, and unlocked firmware as an alternative to the hugely bloated firmware that GPD releases the XD+ with.

If you would like more info regarding the development of CleanRom, please visit Black-Seraph's website: HERE

Some of the features that CleanRom have to offer are:

  • The rom comes already rooted.
  • TWRP is included. ( HUGE bonus )
  • CPU lock has been removed. CleanRom runs at 2.11GHz ( intended speed ), StockRom is 1.8GHz.
  • “Android is updating…” endless loop bugfix
  • Google Play Store license bugfix
  • Google GBoard & Swype typing support
  • Fully debloated & unbranded system & userdata partition
  • Lawnchair Launcher
  • Updated boot logo and boot animation

Please consider becoming a patron for Black-Seraph at his Patreon or buy him a coffee at Ko-fi page.

Helpful links:



What is ROOT? What is Rooting?

Root is the superuser. Your Android phone uses Linux permissions and file-system ownership. You are a user when you sign in, and you are allowed to do certain things based on your user permissions. Root is also a user. The difference is the root user (superuser) has permissions to do anything to any file any place in the system. Rooting is jail-breaking for Androids, and allows users to dive deeper into a phone’s sub-system. [ obtained info from here ]

So what does that mean? It gives apps more power to do more things.

How is this useful? Well you can open up your device to add more features. For example:

  • Make your device more compatible with apps and games. ( Usually in Google Playstore )
  • Give more power to security apps. ( anti-virus, malware, firewall)
  • Power to automate just about anything using apps like Tasker.
  • Boost speed and battery life.
  • Ability to use more powerful backup apps.
  • Remove preinstalled bloatware ( apps promoting manufacturer or carrier, or just unneeded apps)
  • Modify your device in so many ways. ( bootanimations, themes, keyboards )
  • Flash a custom rom
  • Give you the ability to do what you want to YOUR device and not be restricted by what the manufacturer dictates.