Got XDRescue Disk?

You can either purchase a card from me or create your own. Creating an XDRescue Disc is really simple. Just download the files and extract them inside a spare MicroSD card.

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Get help with your GPD XD. Flash, Backup, Recover and much more.

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GPD XD+ Help

Upgraded to the new XD+ ( Plus ) ? Have a look through our tutorials to help you setup your new GPD XD+.

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Since 1993

Why XDRescue.Com?

Ever since I purchased the GPD XD I have played, modded, and developed for it. I have created boot animations, guides and tutorials, backgrounds and just random stuff in general. Since the GPD community is a relatively small community, finding resources for it have been scattered and sometimes non existent.

My goal for this website is to gather all necessary info for the XD/XD+ so that regular maintenance, modding, repairing, and anything related to the device can be found in one place. I am also working on allowing the community itself to upload useful information for others to take advantage of.

I have many projects to finish and progress may be slow, but hang in there! Hopefully you will find use of this site.



Since 1993

What is the GPD XD?

I have seen many reviews on the GPD XD and came across Izzy Nobre. This guy is great and gives the best description so far. Check his video out and find out what the fuss is all about.


If you get a chance check out his Youtube Channel :
The Izzy Nobre Show


XDRescue Live Support

Are you in need of help right now?

Try our Live Support. More and more people are eager to help. The goal is to offer 24/7 support. This is all dependent on users like you willing to help. So if you need help, try it out. If you are willing to help, come on in!